Since 1978, Diamond Attachments, has been providing products for the heavy equipment industry.It has been our company objective to continally improve and expand our products lines.We currently offer: Rippers, EROPS Cabs, OROPS Canopies, Root and Rock Rakes,Push Arms, Push Blocks, Hood Sweeps, Roller frame Gurards, Engine Enclosures,Geneal Purpose Buckets, Thumbs and more Diamond Attachments is a Hub Zone Certified company. We invite you to explore our site and please contact us with any questions or comments.

Diamond's featured product of the month is the 80J Series Ripper to fit the Caterpillar D6R.This is a parallelogram ripper built to have interchangeable parts with O.E.M.Ripper comescomplete with(2)shanks pocket beam.

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